MG Natmeet 2023 Bulletin 1: Welcome to Tamworth!

Welcome to picturesque Tamworth and its amazing attractions for the 2024 MG National Meeting.

Destination Tamworth is renowned for its major music festivals and many local experiences, both within the town and surrounds. In town, a visit to the Big Golden Guitar and tourist centre and a walk down the Tamworth Country Music Trail is an immersive encounter with the history of Australian country music.

Tamworth is where heritage meets outdoor adventure, arts and culture complements luxury, and sports intersect with action and fun. The charm of regional villages such as Barraba, Manilla and Nundle act as a contrast to the bright lights of the regional capital. Exploring these destinations will leave you with an experience that will be remembered for a long time after you depart.

The Easter National Meeting Program for 2024 has the current events detailed below.

Friday 29th March 2024

  • Registration & Scrutineering
  • Noggin & N Natter with Rocker Cover Racing

Saturday 30th March 2024

  • Concours
  • Ladies Lunch – registration for this event will be included in the registration process as a stand-alone event.
  • Theme night – “Country Ball”

Sunday 31st March 2024

  • Motorkhana
  • Kimber Run
  • Free Night

Monday 1st April

  • Speed Event
  • Touring Assembly
  • Presentation Dinner

Tuesday 2nd April

  • Farwell Breakfast
  • Delegates Meeting

You can find local accommodation within Tamworth or surrounds to suit everyone’s tastes on multiple websites by searching ‘’Accommodation Tamworth’’ in your browser. We suggest that you make bookings directly with your choice of venue.

Tamworth and the surrounding area has infinite possibilities, even for the whole family. To get an idea of the possibilities available, I suggest you visit to the website – Experience Tamworth on

Travel distance from Sydney is around 400 km by road and takes around 5 hours during light traffic.

Expressions of interest and enquiries to:

Natmeet Chairman  (Charlie Frew) – [email protected]

Natmeet Registrar (Sheila Trotman) – [email protected]

Natmeet Secretary (Matthew Crawford) – [email protected]

See you in Tamworth Easter 2024!

Matthew Crawford,
Secretary, MG Car Club Sydney

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  • comment-avatar
    Jane Vollebregt
    3 January, 2024 (9:53 AM)

    When will the motorkhana patterns be published? It takes a long time to remember them these days!

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