2024 Natmeet Bulletin: February

Are you revved up and ready? From February 1 we are counting down the 57 days until registration!

The MG Car Club Sydney warmly welcomes you to Tamworth, for the 2024 MG National Meeting March 29 to April 2, 2024.

Plans are well in hand for this exciting celebration of the marque, including motorkhana and speed events, a concours d’elegance and tours around the scenic countryside to take in historic gold towns and local attractions. Plenty of social activities are planned as well, including the country ball and Rocker Cover racing.


Registration is now open for the 2024 National Meeting. All the details relating to registration and the registration form can be found here:


Please ensure you read all the instructions relating to registration before completing the registration form. See you all in Tamworth!


Sporting Events

The 2024 MG National Meeting to be held in Tamworth & Gunnedah NSW, over the Easter period (Friday 29th March – Tuesday 2nd April 2024).

National Meeting competitive events with your MG requiring a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence, and competitive & non – competitive events only requiring a valid driver licence;

  • Speed Licence Required: A competitive lap dash event on tarmac at the Tamworth Oakburn Park Motor Sport facility, (adjacent to the Tamworth City Speedway)
  • Speed Licence Required: A competitive motorkhana event consisting of three (3) tests at the nearby Gunnedah Regional Airport tarmac airstrip. The three tests will be; MULTIPLE LOOP, STRAIGHT SLALOM & ARROWHEAD (diagrams attached)
  • State Driver Licence Required: Discovery run (replacing the observation run)
  • State Driver Licence Required: A non–competitive social Kimber Run will also be held at legal road speeds on public roads

All these events, along with the concours d’elegance, will be held under a Motorsport Australia permit. Competitor entry documentation will be processed as part of the national meeting entry system, including lap dash and motorkhana entrants only: an entry/disclaimer form, statement of compliance form and self-scrutiny vehicle inspection & check sheet (based upon the Motorsport Australia document).

Note: Nat Meet entry/competition numbers will be allocated via email. Please send request for entry/competition numbers to:

Social and concours entrants: Leone Johnson –  [email protected]

Sporting entrants: Steve Perry – [email protected]

Scrutineering: A visual vehicle & safety apparel scrutineering inspection will occur at the Nat Meet check-in facility at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment & Convention Centre (TRECC), in South Tamworth between 9am and 3pm on Friday 29th March 24.

Whilst to our knowledge no MG Electric or Hybrid Vehicles have ever entered or tried to enter an MG Nat Meet, it is to be noted that the NSW Centre advises that electric & hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV) can ONLY enter social and events OTHER than the motorkhana or lap dash at this Nat Meet due to the additional MA training & equipment requirements & cost for track officials, and additional cost of special fire extinguishers as per MA standing requirements. It is also an MA requirement that EV & HEV vehicles owners are required to have a logbook for speed events, which will not suit most road going car owners!

Competitors (car owners) and competition drivers will need their driver licence, club membership card and Motorsport Australia speed licence (if applicable – for motorkhana and lap dash competition events, noting NO such MA licences of any type are available at the Nat Meet. Single event/eay licences are no longer available from Motorsport Australia.

Junior drivers: Intending junior drivers must hold the appropriate Motorsport Australia Speed licence and driver licence/permit in order to compete.

Motorkhana event: 12 years – 16 years of age, or under 17 at the start of the event

Speed event: 14 – 16 years of age, or under 17 at the start of the event, and minimum legal age for a NSW driver learner permit, or equivalent interstate driver licence, if competing in the observation run (touring assembly).

Note that junior licences will NOT be available at the National Meeting. 

It is envisaged that two competition groups consisting of a subset segregation of the Nat Meet classes will apply with an “early Group – A” and a “later Group – B” to run at the motorkhana, and the reverse “early Group – B” and a “later Group – A” to run at the lap dash to help reduce competitor waiting times. Please refer and read the supplementary regulations for each event on the Nat Meet website, and the instructions for sporting forms!

The NSW Centre has requested assistance from two local active sporting clubs familiar with the running of local sporting events at both the nominated event facilities, including canteen facilities or food Vendor preparation. It is to be noted that the MGCC of Victoria has also offered their experienced assistance with any additional officials as required, for which MGCC NSW is very grateful.

We will be looking forward to seeing your entry!

Motorkhana Patterns

Rocker Cover Racing

In 2024 the Rocker Cover racers will be judged not only on their speed, but also on their looks!

Best Dressed Rocker Cover Racer

One exciting new initiative will be the introduction of the ‘Best Dressed’ Rocker Cover Racer competition to the Noggin ‘N’ Natter evening.

Three prizes awarded for the Best Dressed Rocker Cover Racer:

  • Best Dressed Old Number One
  • Best Dressed any other MG model
  • People’s Choice Award

Rocker Racer

The Racers

  • The racers shall have no power source. All motive force is provided by gravity
  • Racers shall be based on a rocker cover from any MG or a rocker/cam cover of the same silhouette
  • The racer shall be no more than 40mm longer than the rocker/cam cover excluding wheels
  • Wheel track shall be no more than 200mm
  • Racers shall have four wheels, no more than 155 mm diameter
  • The maximum racer weight to be no more than 3 kg

So, all rocker cover racer enthusiasts, this is a heads up so you can get designing and ‘dressing’ your racer as well as ensuring it is a speed demon. Let the fun begin!

Discovery Run (previously known as the observation run)

The Run

The discovery run is 82km in length and takes approximately one hour without stops. It will commence at 09:00hrs and leave from the Mercure Hotel, winding north east through Tamworth, before heading north west and subsequently south east to end at Tamworth Oakburn Park Raceway.

There are a number of causeways along the route, some of which regularly have water running through them. It is advised that you slow down to 30 km/hour or 20 m/hour should you find significant water present.

Officials will collect your answer sheets when you arrive at Oakburn Park, and you will be asked a tie breaker question, in case that situation arises. A food van will be present at the site.

Photographic Competition

Photographs entered in this competition are judged in the following categories:

  • Best Action Photograph
  • Best Still Photograph
  • Best Novelty Photograph
  • Best Digital Photograph (added DM 2003) – This means “substantially digitally altered from the original” (DM 2008)


  • Photographs entered in previous National Meetings are not eligible
  • Photographs must be the registrant’s own work and taken within the last two years. The entrants name and details should be on the back of the entry
  • The maximum size of any photograph A4 with the maximum size of the mount 16 x 12 inches (400 x 300 mm) is to be emphasised in the bulletin advising of the competition. (DM 1998) (Revised DM2003)

Magazine Competition

This competition awards a perpetual trophy for the best presented MG Car Club Magazine. All MG Car club editors are invited to send soft copies of their Club magazines to: [email protected] and any club that continues to print a hard copy please could these be mailed to Hilary Wren,  7 Loquat Valley Road, Bayview 2104 NSW

Closing date for receipt of entries: 29th February 2024.

Website Trophy

To be awarded to the club with the best judged website having some regard for the membership numbers as provided for the Magazine Competition. Please could each club send your website address to: [email protected]

Closing date for receipt of entries: 29th February 2024.

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  • comment-avatar
    Tony Slattery
    3 March, 2024 (3:26 PM)

    Where is registration for the event and opening hours please?

    • comment-avatar
      5 March, 2024 (4:52 PM)

      Hi Tony,

      Registration & scrutineering is at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment & Convention Centre, Greg Norman Drive Hillvue. NSW 2340, on Friday 29 March.

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