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MG Nat Meet 2024: Let’s Keep the Revs Ticking Over

Only 181 days from November 1 to the beginning of the 2024 National Meeting. Here are a few facts and updates. (more…) More

Let’s Rev It Up! 210 Days and Counting Down Until 29 March and the 2024 National Meeting

Have you booked your accommodation? Have you added your name to the list of volunteers? Have you thought of any of your particular skills which could be useful or, even vital to the success of the 2024 National Meeting? (more…) More

MG National Meeting

Beginning our Journey to the 2024 National Meeting in Tamworth

A special anniversary informs the 2024 National Meeting, as it wraps up the celebration of 100 years of MG. The MG global family has been busy celebrating 100 years of MG and these celebrations will wrap up in Australia with the 2024 MG National Meeting in Tamworth, New South Wales. All the usual events will be held and ... More

Tamworth Big Golden Guitar

MG Natmeet 2023 Bulletin 1: Welcome to Tamworth!

Welcome to picturesque Tamworth and its amazing attractions for the 2024 MG National Meeting. Destination Tamworth is renowned for its major music festivals and many local experiences, both within the town and surrounds. In town, a visit to the Big Golden Guitar and tourist centre and a walk down the Tamworth Country ... More